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CP Photography offers editing services for photographers


Standard Editing consists of: exposure enhancement, white balance adjustments, cropping/straightening, file resizing for web and/print

$3 per image


Deluxe Editing consists of: all standard editing plus color correction, noise reduction,

backdrop extension, backdrop smoothing, facial swaps, acne/scar removal, removal of objects, sky overlays

$5-10 per image (depending on specific edit request)

Please send your edit requests to with the subject EDITING


_MG_3463-2 copy.jpg


_MG_3463-2LR copy.jpg
Exposure enhancements and sky overlay
_MG_1137 copy.jpg
Exposure enhancements, skin smoothing, spot removal, backdrop smoothing,
noise removal, sharpening, and final crop
_MG_0741 copy.jpg
_MG_0741-Edit copy 2.jpg
Exposure enhancements and head swap 
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